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Superior College Readiness

GBCS students consistently outpace WV State averages for College Readiness.

GBCS offers two college preparatory diploma programs. The first requires students to take the advanced math and science courses of trigonometry and chemistry in addition to each of the general diploma requirements. A total of twenty-seven credits and a GPA that meets Promise Scholarship guidelines is required.

The second advanced college preparatory diploma requires the advanced courses of trigonometry, calculus, chemistry, and physics. A total of twenty-eight and a GPA that meets Promise Scholarship guidelines is required.

Seniors at GBCS are given the option of participating in a dual credit English and Bible program. Greater Beckley partners with Appalachian Bible College to offer college credit for English 101, English 102, Bible 101 (Bible Doctrine Overview) and Soc 103 (Foundations of Marriage and Family). If students choose not to attend ABC, credits can easily be transferred to the college of choice. Students are also given ACT and SAT preparation information beginning in their junior year. As seniors they also take a class devoted to scholarship and college entrance applications.

Committed to Academic Excellence

At Greater Beckley Christian School, we believe that an education centered in the light of God’s Word will by its very nature rise to the highest standards of quality and excellence. From K3 to 12th grade, every student is challenged to reach their highest potential. 

Wonderfully Made Preschool

Wonderfully Made Preschool is our academic K3/K4 preschool program dedicated to inspiring children to lead Christ-centered lives. We support parents in their God-given responsibility of educating children by providing quality spiritual, academic, personal and social instruction in the light of God's Word. Students graduate from Wonderfully Made Preschool fully prepared for academic success at GBCS.

Elementary Program

The elementary program at GBCS prepares students to master basic skills necessary for higher order thinking. Each of our self-contained elementary classes include instruction in Bible, reading/phonics, English grammar/spelling, mathematics, writing/penmanship, science, social studies, art, music, and physical education.

Middle School Program

The GBCS middle school program prepares students for a smooth transition to high school and includes studies in Bible, English, literature, math [Pre-Algebra, Algebra I], social studies, science, physical education/health, and fine arts.

Senior High Programs

Greater Beckley Christian School is committed to superior academic achievement. A balanced and thorough program is offered with all the standard college preparatory classes: Bible, English, mathematics, history, science, foreign language, speech, fine arts, physical education and health. Additionally, students will be provided with opportunities and encouraged to participate in community service projects throughout the year.

GBCS offers three diploma tracks. The standard diploma track meets all standards and qualifications required by the state of West Virginia for a high school diploma. The college prep diploma track offers advanced courses in English, math, science, and foreign language. The Advanced College Preparation diploma offers students higher level math and science classes.